Hardcore (2004)
single channel video and sound installation

The artist sits on a spotlight chair, moves towards the microphone in front of him, and begins to whisper the lines on the paper. "And Mary said... 'Stop killing each other now.'" They are the words of a woman's prayer. As the artist reads, he slowly strokes his thigh. The stroking becomes increasingly intense, as though reflecting the increasingly intense words, and the atmosphere that is created is one of a sleazy and vulgar fantasy.

This work conveys the abruptness in which a deep frustration towards humanitarianism is transformed through an obscene sexual ritual. It also conveys the perverted and resilient system (=hardcore) through which is scattered a needlessly powerful energy created by a superficial act (a gesture) with no substance. Neither the moaning of the man that can be heard from the closed room somewhere in rural Japan nor the woman's words of prayer possibly makes any difference in our real lives. (from Meiro Koizumi, 'Hardcore - Koizumi Meiro', in: Koizumi Meiro, exh.cat. Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, 2009, pp. 32-33)