FLOW (Sode no watari / Namidagawa)
FLOW (Sode no watari / Namidagawa)
FLOW (Sode no watari / Namidagawa) (2023)
Woodcut block, gesso, woodcut print (Japanese paper, oil ink), wood panel
182×183×3.3cm Left (woodcut block) 182×91.5×3.3cm Right (woodcut print) 182×91.5×3.3cm

This work depicts a stone-piled boat (Sode-no-watari) going down the river through which four Japanese poems are
flowing, based on the theme of "Sode-no-watari," an ancient Japanese poem located on the old Kitakami River. There
is no proof that Sode no Watari, a favorite poem subject since the Heian period (794-1185), is located in Ishinomaki,
and the fact that the aristocrats who wrote the poem visited that far away is also unknown, but the sentimentality of the
words must have stimulated the imagination, even without seeing the site.