FLOW (Okitsukuni / Mt Furo)
FLOW (Okitsukuni / Mt Furo)
FLOW (Okitsukuni / Mt Furo) (2022)
Woodcut block, gesso, woodcut print (Japanese paper, oil ink), wood panel
182×183×3.3㎝ Left (woodcut block) 182×181.5×3.3㎝ Right (woodcut print) 182×181.5×3.3㎝

Mt Furo, located in Nobiru, Oku-Matsushima, was once praised by Lord Date Masamune.
When we look at this new structure as a boundary line that protects the lives of the residents, we are reminded of the
song No. 3888 in the Manyoshu, a Japanese anthology of poetry, in which a boat of God appears that goes between
the everlasting world and the present world beyond the sea. Mt Furo, which sits on a seawall, looks like a gate built by
a lord of the domain, and it also overlaps with the afterimage of the canal gate that was the trace of a dream of the
Nobiru Port construction.