FLOW (Oshima / Taga matsushima zo)
FLOW (Oshima / Taga matsushima zo)
FLOW (Oshima / Taga matsushima zo) (2023)
Woodcut block, gesso, woodcut print (Japanese paper, oil ink), wood panel
182×183×3.3cm Left (woodcut block) 182×91.5×3.3cm Right (woodcut print) 182×91.5×3.3cm

The motif of this work is based on Matsuo Basho's haiku monument "Asa Yosao, Taga Matsushima zo Katagokoro"
(“day and night, who waits on Pine Island, with a one-sided heart” translated by Jane Reichhold), which stands quietly
in Oshima, a sacred place in Matsushima, with Kenbutsu Shonin on the right side and Matsuo Basho on the left side.
The two figures are linked back-to-back: Kenbutsu Shonin, who is said to have spent 12 years in a stone cave on
Oshima reciting 60,000 copies of a sutra, and the haiku poet who yearns for the island, where such a mysterious
legend remains.