Yu Araki “Video Letter Exchange: Community Of Images”

Outdoor Performance & Screening
CinéSPEAK’s @Bartram’s Garden
5400 Lindbergh Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA, 19143, USA
7:30pm “Door””
8:00pm Eiko Fan Performance
8:30pm Screening

As a way to highlight the video letter exchange format that accompanied the rise of video discussed in the Community of Images exhibition, CCJ and JASGP commissioned a group of four contemporary video artists to produce today’s video letter exchange. A nod to the Video Letter (1983), a remarkable 64-minute compilation ­exchange of video letters that took place between video artists Shuji Terayama and Shuntaro Tanikawa, the contemporary exchange is led by Philadelphia-based artist Nadia Hironaka, who organized an exchange with US and Japan-based artists Shinpei Takeda (San Diego), Hikaru Suzuki (Tokyo) and Yu Araki (Kyoto).