Thank You Celeb Project – I’m BOKAN

2007 11.8 - 2007 12.8

Thank You Celeb Project, I’m BOKAN

In the spirit of Diana
we channel the lineage
of the volunteer spirit and the girly culture
from Hepburn to Madonna via Angelina Jolie.
We positively succeed the mind for some reason
even though some say it’s mere the hypocrisy
camouflaging gaps in our society.


On the “Road to Cambodia.”
Because there are land mines
and no getting around our impulse
that the things we must blow up
have their origins in the thoughts we carry with us.

“Mine removal.”
So that we can live our celebrity-like dream.
We buy discount air tickets
that are from a loan-shark to Cambodia
via a travel agency.

fly free without even a last will and testament.
The only words
that penetrate are those shouted by my mother,
“This isn’t a joke!”
And we are completely accountable
for our actions in Cambodia.
But what’s wrong with that?
As we are bound to this world
to be responsible for this world
is our obligation.
Let’s go, Chim Pom!
Now is the time to show our volunteer spirit.
This is the flavor of celebrity.

April, 2007 Chim Pom