Oh My God

2007 7.4 - 2007 8.11

This exhibition features works by Chim Pom, a group of six artists. The exhibition title “Oh my God” refers to 9.11. Ever since Eri, a member of Chim Pom, saw a person repeatedly shouting “Oh my God! Oh my God…!” on TV, she started using this expression for anything that happens in front of her. This soon spread among other members of Chim Pom.

Everyone will have heard someone using expressions from TV shows and magazine articles, just for they joy of using language that one happens to find, completely ignoring the fundamental meaning of the expression or its appropriate use. “Oh my God!” was the term that Chim Pom got into. Repeating these words again and again, the true meaning is diminished, and eventually turned to nonsense.

“Oh My God” includes wide range of projects, one about anonymity, another made by using exhaust fumes, and also a piece that obviously points at death.