It’s the wall world (2014-)

The continuing and evolving project It’s the wall world initiated in 2014 was developed from the work
Broken Peace (Piece). Chim↑Pom destroyed a gallery wall in the shape of jigsaw pieces in response to the aftermath of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, that damaged exhibition spaces in
museums and made artists feel art was powerless. Chim↑Pom takes out jigsaw puzzle pieces from a gallery wall, the supposedly neutral space of white cube, and exchanges them with identically shaped pieces extracted from surfaces in the ‘real world.’ The exchanged white pieces are given new roles in situ by becoming part of the ‘real world’ and the extracted pieces are brought back to a white cube and assembled
into a large-scale jigsaw mural to create a topography consisting of varied contexts, histories and memories. Growing larger by adding new layers of interpretation, Chim↑Pom aims to seek for a value of art and try to
shorten the distance of white cube and ‘real world’. The process of the artists’ exchange and interaction with locals are documented and presented on video.