Meiro Koizumi Solo Exhibition - We Mourn the Dead of the Future

22 February – 10 March 2019
Venue: Kitasenju BUoY 2F Gallery
Admission: 800yen (free for Commons pass holders. Please show the pass at the entrance.)

MUJIN-TO Production is pleased to present Meiro Koizumi's new multi channel video installation "We Mourn the Dead of the Future" together with Theater Commons Committee as a part of "Theater Commons '19" program.

On a very cold rainy day, at former U.S. military post, surrounded by onlookers, 20 youth conducted a rite for “mourn the dead of the future.” This rite is created by Koizumi with young people during the workshop organized by Theater Commons last year, dealing with the theme Koizumi had been tackling for a long time such as heroism and self-sacrifice.

Will you sacrifice your life for a nation, a community or an idea?

The video installation coldly captures young people forced to face ultimate question, bears sacredness and pain, going over the twisted time axis, asks the same question to the audience.

"Will you be able to sacrifice your own life for someone / something?”

Thinking from peaceful everyday life, the question seems exaggerated and unrealistic, no better than thinking game. And if you’re not in that urgency, the question might be unanswerable one. Even though, if I have to answer that question and announce it publicly, what I should say?
20 young people earnestly faced that situation. I felt that the statement which was merely an assumption became a fact through the rite and established concrete presence in the space.
I believe that the violence of the rite which forces an either-or situation will manifest itself sometime again.
And this unrealistic question will be realistic again.
The creator of the rite will give order to the chaos and be the powerful.
To not be involved to the rite conducted by the powerful, and to not create countless losers.
We mourn the Dead of the Future.

Meiro Koizumi

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Meiro Koizumi and workshop participants
27 February 19:00-21:00
Admission: 800yen (free for Commons pass holders. Please show the pass at the entrance.)
*No reservation is required.

Exhibition Information

Meiro Koizumi Solo Exhibition “We Mourn the Dead of the Future”

22 February – 10 March 2019
Venue:Kitasenju BUoY 2F Gallery
Open:Wed. - Fri. 13:00-20:00 | Sat.+Sun. 12:00-20:00
Admission:800yen(free for Commons pass holders) /